For four generations

Pietro Fontana, Luigi’s son, artisan in ironworks, opened his first goldsmith laboratory in 1921 in Cassano Magnago. He worked with both pocket and wrist watches. In 1933 he moved to Sesto Calende where he later opened a store attached to his workshop.

After World War II, with the help of his son Fernando, the workshop grew and in 1957 became a percision mechanics workshop, specializing in the production of cases and watch straps for watchmakers, which marked the beginning of the Fontana family tradition. In 1986 the trademark GTF was born, producing various components for highly renowned Swiss watchmakers.


Design, Technology, and Manuality

GTF has always merged in production, advanced technology, and manual craftmanship with Italian creativity and expertise after over almost a century of family business delivering Helvetian precision. Our products, created with avant-garde technology, are completely refined by hand and controlled during the entire process by a highly qualified team of supervisors.

GTF has an entire project task force available to develop projects of either simple aesthetic or a more conceptually-detailed design, assisting clients during all phases of watch design, 3D model construction, and final industrialization.


Competence and Innovation

GTF products are created using unique materials such as: Special titanium steels, tantalum, magnesium, nobium, and metals like gold, silver, and platinum. The power of GTF continually focuses on strengthening roots on local territory, mainly focusing on the Italian industrial network.

Thanks to the integration of a flexible industrial system, the company covers everything from high class watches to products used in the aeronautic industry. GTF can guarantee the strength and ability to find solutions to complex technical problems, particularly in micromechanics and uncommon metals.

A Quality Partner

After four generations of experience, GTF has proved to be a reliable partner to clients, accompanying them step by step – from the first phases of research to actual watch design.

Thanks to a creative and specialized team, sensitive to modern innovation, they are capable of solving complex technical and esthetic problems in a timely manner. GTF has remained along the sides of some of the best high-class watch designers and manufacturers in the world.




Via Piave 86
21018 Sesto Calende (Va)
Tel. 0039 0331 9615

e-mail: info@gtfspa.com
Cap. Soc. €. 4.820.000,00 i.v.
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